TIK TAK Southern Skies Contemporary Mobile

TIK TAK Southern Skies Contemporary Mobile

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The warm colours in this striking bassinet mobile will make an eye catching statement in your nursery. 

Capture baby's attention with colours, shape and movement whilst adding a design driven piece to your nursery.

Made from 100% wool felt and natural, ethically sourced materials from people we know and trust.

And you can add a felt ball garland in matching colours to complete the design! 

The felt ball garland uses solid colour felt balls only (no animals or shapes) and comes in two lengths - 2 metres with 30 balls or 3 metres with 45 balls and the garland colours will be the same colours as used in the mobile.

  • All balls and shapes are made from all 100% natural wool felt
  • Includes over 1.5 metre string length for hanging
  • The mobile has a diameter of 25cm and is 45-50cm in height
  • Felt balls are diameters of 1cm, 1.5cm, 2cm and 4cm, stars are 4-5cm wide and discs are 4cm diameter
  • Felt balls are secure but not knotted in place so you can customise the position if you wish
Keep baby safe! Our beautiful mobiles are not toys for play.
Please follow safety instructions included with your mobile.

Hand crafted - Eco friendly - Ethically made

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