PEPPER & ME - TiK ToK TrEnDiNg - 170g

PEPPER & ME - TiK ToK TrEnDiNg - 170g

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Welcome to NZ you trendy little thing! 

This Tik Tok seasoning is Pepper & Me's take on the 'everything but the bagel seasoning'. It's a beaut blend of crunchy seeds, pops of garlic and onion and sea salt flakes.

The trending thing to do with it is pop it on capsicum with cream cheese - but the reality is the uses for this seasoning are endless! 

Sprinkle on salads for a nice crunch, on avo toast, on top of pasta, sprinkle on chicken before cooking, on asparagus or any other green veg to give it a delicious flavour and crunch. 

They use it on EVERYTHING in the USA - So take Pepper & Me's version, and we hope you enjoy it as much! 

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